Welcome to Hoosier WaterJet, a Leader in Custom Cutting

Hoosier WaterJet offers high quality custom cutting in Indiana and throughout the Midwest. Hoosier WaterJet was established as a division of High Performance Alloys, allowing the company to position itself as an industry leader and to leverage the latest cutting technology.

Our Dynamic Waterjet® from Flow provides an alternative to traditional cutting techniques, particularly when materials are sensitive to high temperatures generated by these methods. Our waterjet uses an output of 60,000 psi to cut almost any material - metal, stone, or composite - at up to 400% the speed of conventional flat stock waterjet cutting machines.

Active Tolerance Control ensures unbeatable accuracy, speed and flexibility. Leveraging this dynamic technology, we can cut almost any material into any shape, leaving a smooth, near-perfect finish that meets aerospace standards.

Here are some additional facts about the dynamic WaterJet:

Browse our website to learn more about specific services and to see some products that we have already manufactured.

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Hoosier WaterJet
a division of
High Performance Alloys, Inc
1985 E 500 N
Windfall, IN 46076
Phone: 1-765-945-8230
Fax: 1-765-945-8294

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